Weather. It’s Bi-Polar.

SAMSUNG CSCWe had this crazy storm the other day. It had been really warm and sunny all day and suddenly in the late afternoon I watched as the dark clouds in the corner of the sky spread, boiling over us.



Quite fascinating.

It brought in a crazy cold front and after the rain finished we had a ‘lovely’ snow day.

SAMSUNG CSCI don’t think it ever got much below freezing but it kept snowing until there was a good bit of accumulation. Which was annoying because during the 80 degree, sunny, day I had put a lot of plants in the ground.

Not to worry though, I know better than to put sensitive stuff out this early. My only casualty this week was a dill plant that got eaten by…a bird? I think, at least. It might recover but I’m not counting on it.

Despite the snow this week I believe we’re past the ‘hard frost’ date now and even though we may have a few more frosts before spring is over I think we can all start planting slightly warmer weather plants now. I can’t say I don’t mind a thunder storm here and there;)




Pregger Pics Take 3: Week 14

I’m past the dreaded first trimester and that is really good. Even though I’m HUGE, at least I’m not nauseous 24/7.

SAMSUNG CSCYou can ignore my face….I had a drilling headache at that point.

Anywho, here’s the stats.

Weight Gain: Still down, despite the large belly. It’s okay, I’m just losing my butt and legs to fuel that growth.

Aversions: Same. Oh except that now I hate ham. Coffee is my biggest struggle since, as a mother of two, and plagued with pregnancy insomnia, I could seriously use the caffeine. Currently I choke down some coffee whenever I can’t lose a bad headache.

Exercise: Getting back to it. I was sore for like five days after my first day back but that’s to be expected since I took about a month off. Fortunately I found that I could still do the same weights that I’d worked up to and that was nice. I’ve also been doing lots of gardening and yard work. Even though I work pretty slowly with that stuff it’s still nice to be active a lot more with the nicer weather.

Cravings: I’ll just remove this from the docket…I’m fairly certain I’ve never had a pregnancy craving. With the third time around you’d think I’d have figured that out. But at least now the thought of food doesn’t completely gross me out. I ate quite the variety last night when we went out to eat and that was really fun.

So things are much better except for the headaches which I seem to get at least every other day. My midwife says they’re caused by dehydration in general and told me I should drink 64oz of water a day….when I’m not pregnant I drink roughly a gallon a day. So I should drink more now? I don’t know. I have noticed that drinking a quart of water with a couple tablespoons of chia seeds has immensely helped a couple of my headaches but I couldn’t tell if it was just that or because I was at the end of the second day of headache with both of them.



Farmer’s Market

Today is the first day of my local Farmers Market!!!! I get overly excited about it, I know, but it’s just such a fantastic market and it’s only a mile from my house. A really easy to walk mile too.



It’s really a huge deal to me that we can walk there because in a city as sprawling and huge as Kansas City, there really aren’t many areas that are walkable, or that have much to walk too. We didn’t really realize what an awesome area we were moving to until we moved. I mean, I knew it was close to the market and a couple other great places but I guess I didn’t know it was THAT close or that it would be such an easy walk.

This particular market is my favorite in the city because it’s the market my family’s business has always had a booth at since I was just a kid. Sullivan’s Greenhouse still has a booth there.



In the spring one of us siblings runs the booth. It started with my oldest sister and she did it for two years, then my brother, then me and so on. Michelle is the youngest and she’s doing an extra year since this is her last year at home. My other sister who is in town right now is helping her out. It’s sooooo fun to walk up to the market and see two of my sisters!

SAMSUNG CSCCutie. She’s probably gonna hate me for posting that;) But you know, what are big sisters for!?

Anyway, I just brought twenty bucks with me since it’s not grocery day or anything and the boys and I had so much fun with it! We got kettle corn, split a cookie, bought some fancy bread, an aloe vera plant and tipped a nice couple to make some doggie balloons!



Also snagged a couple chocolates from an Easter booth.

We listened to some of the live music and said hi to a friend of our’s who’s running another booth there selling hand roasted coffee beans and incredible bread (Messenger Coffee and Ibis Bread).

Overall, a huge hit. Bonus for mommy…Eli crashed on the way home.



Now, if only my two day headache would go away and the nausea would just disappear. I had a great time anyway though and hopefully next week it’ll be just as nice!


The Magical Backyard



Since this is the first spring in this house I’m getting to discover all it’s flowery charms for the first time. A couple little Star Magnolias in the corner, the many Viburnum bushes budding with their blooms, and of course, my favorite, a gnarly old Red Bud leaning over our back fence.



Of course all the gardening I’ve been doing has been equally exciting. I planted beets in one of my beds and plan on planting another bed of beets before long. I also planted green beans and sugar snap peas. I have a specified place for vine plants to climb up the trellis of our deck but a packet of seeds is a LOT more than would fit there so I decided to get  creative and plant snap peas along one of the fence lines as well….the one that gets sun.

I bought a rhubarb plant with some maturity and that is possibly my most exciting addition. I realize I am likely the only 20 something at my local nursery having a conniption fit over finding such a gorgeous rhubarb planting and willingly handing twenty bucks over for it. But I carry that solitude with pride because I like the company of older ladies and, of course, my parents.

20140408_113205 (1)

It’s more than just my desire to grow food, and enjoy the garden, though. I’m hoping to create a space that is appealing, filled with interest and discovery for my boys. I want a yard they can play baseball in, but also a yard they can pick tomatoes, learn to love herbs, watch slugs and caterpillars.  Somewhere they can explore, even though it’s not big. A place they can learn to nurture productive plants and enjoy flowering ones. A safe place filled with stimulation and calm, all at once. I don’t really have a good picture of the whole yard but half of it is a green space where they can run around and the other half, separated by a sidewalk to our patio area, is my garden.  Here’s a little view of part of it.



My garden isn’t grown yet and the grass is only just now starting to turn green but already we’ve studied earth worms, dug in the dirt, played ball, and even played in water a little bit this spring. I’m excited for all the other things we’ll be able to do as the season progresses.

My garden is my investment. When I plant a few stick raspberry plants I envision a raspberry bramble in a few years, when plant a few strawberry plants I see an over grown patch next year. When I shop for a sour cherry tree I see it blooming in our future. I see my kale plants rising above the beds and my cilantro reseeding itself in July. When I plant sage I know it’ll be back next spring and the spring after that, getting bigger and bigger. Every failure, is an altered plan for the next year.


While I plan my tomato and pepper beds I know it means rows and rows of canned salsas, sauces and pickles in my larder.

It’s fun, it’s therapeutic and I know that somehow it’s in my genetics because every year without fail I get excited, get out there and grow plants. I’m no veteran, my last house had a huge slew of challenges that were oh so difficult to overcome. One reason our current house appealed to me was simply because the backyard looked like it had a lot of potential for gardening. Now I feel like I’m finally able to actually garden with a lot of success but all the failures I had before helped me learn so much and allow me to proceed with confidence.




The Foods

Pregnancy is pretty much super lame.

I’m sure it’s not all bad to some people but I know most ladies go through the gambit of symptoms that are just not very lovely. Nausea, headaches, insomnia, back pain, heartburn, round ligament pain, grinding pelvic bones, exhaustion, excessive peeing and all that fun stuff. Mostly, it just means that eating is hard. Preparing food is even harder.

I’ve found that freshly cooked rice with butter, salt and pepper is a food I can eat. Roasted veggies are mostly good too.

SAMSUNG CSCOkay, not ALL roasted veggies. I actually couldn’t manage sweet potatoes this particular day.

SAMSUNG CSCNow this was good. I am loving roasted green beans. Eli and I kill these bad boys every time I make them. Thank goodness for Costco’s super cheap huge freezer bag of organic green beans. Or I’d be broke I’m sure.

Even though I can stomach some foods it always results in nausea so that’s a bit disheartening. Which is why I have a terrible habit of putting off eating until the last hour before dying of hunger. All drama aside though, I’m hoping with less round the clock nausea that I’ll be able to eat more veggies. Fruit is good and I have a pretty good fruit connection right now (she works for Edible Arrangements) and so I have been eating lots of cantaloupe, grapes and pineapple.


I do not complain about this. My freezer is packed with smoothie fruits and we eat lots of fresh fruits I wouldn’t normally buy. I still buy things like apples, bananas, oranges, and such.

I haven’t pictured much foods lately because they generally are so unappealing I don’t feel like recording them. I’ll try to be better about it now that I’m not as sick.

This is all very complainy…but I promise once food is less gross to me I’ll have real food pics to post.



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