Dinner at Mor mor’s

Happy Hump Day everyone! I hate that term yet I still find myself using it. It seems dirty.

It was stormy this morning so I wanted a warm breakfast but have had alot of oats lately and I ran out of peanut butter:( so I decided to go with eggs. Some one told me to eat two eggs in the morning for calories and so I did my best!

It seemed like alot! I lit the candle though and got some water to enjoy with it and dug in.

It was good, I ate it all. I’ll be honest though, I was full until 3pm so this might not be such a good idea since eating both breakfast and lunch probably adds up to more calories than this big breakfast. Or maybe I should try harder to get that lunch in whether I’m hungry or not..hmmm.

When I got home the rain had stopped for a moment and my garden looked so beautiful I just had to take some pictures. Here’s are my gorgeous chives.

My cilantro is growing like crazy too! Here’s a just a little section of it. It’s coming up everywhere.

I’ll post more pictures later. I still have to get to dinner!

Tonight Shane and I went to Mor mor’s for dinner. Mor mor is my grandma and since she embraces her Swedish heritage we call her grandma in Swedish which is Mor mor and means mother’s mother. I lived with her for a while when I was in college and she’s such a joy to be around. We drank tea and chatted before bustling around the kitchen making dinner. Its always fun to cook at her house because she has so many fun little random ingredients! We made, bread crumb tilapia, ribeye steak (for Shane), fruit salad, green salad, baked potatoes and bread for the occasion! We were having so much fun we seriously almost made asparagus too but realized we had plenty of food the route we were going.

Here’s our table of goods! My plate was a tilapia and potato….

Which was soon loaded down with fruit salad, that contained watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberries and bananas!

Then green salad that contained lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, basil and green onions and a dressing I made with just lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and salt.

Oh my goodness it was so good! It was equally awesome making it though since we were enjoying the kitchen so much. The whole time it was storming like crazy outside with tons of lightning and thunder and pouring rain!

Now Shane and I are chilling at home while the storm rages on out there! I love exciting weather.

Question: What do you do on a stormy day?


  • Sorry you’re still struggling with the hunger… maybe you can add some smoothies or shakes?

    I love to read and watch movies indoors during a storm!

  • Meg

    Isn’t an egg only like 70 calories? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissin’ the egg. I love eggs and eat two of them myself nearly every morning. But I am just wondering at the “eggs = high cal” idea. Oh well. They’re still really good for you — especially if you can get good fresh, pastured eggs. I MISS having chickens!

    I often have a little bit of a hard time getting “enough” calories most days, too (I use a nutrition tracker from time to time just to make sure I’m still eating the way I think I am. haha). I tend to think the number of calories consumed isn’t as important as the quality consumed.

    I’m so envious of your good stormy weather! South Texas is in this perpetual drought, it seems. Growing up I remember it raining a little bit almost every afternoon. Now for the last… probably close to a decade it seems like more springs/summers than not, they’re in the midst of a drought. We’re not even in summer yet and already: drought! All the blackberries that grow wild on my parents property are beginning to shrivel up instead of staying plump and juicy. Very sad.

  • Kristin

    I love the stormy day question. It has been stormy here too, and it’s one of my favorite kinds of weather in May, when everything is saturated in green and smells like earth and lilacs around here. I had to walk to school though, so I took my umbrella and listened to the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (the newer movie version). It was perfect. Then I came home and drank Constant Comment, and watched Battlestar Galactica with my honey. So fun.

  • diana

    Megan-Well I guess what I mean is when I usually have eggs for breakfast I just have one egg on a piece of toast. Two eggs with a piece of toast is my attempt to heighten calories.

  • leah

    That food looks amazing! I’m dieing to have fruit salad now.

    I like reading, watching movies and taking naps during a storm. Storms for my family mean, sit arrowed and do nothing all day. I rather like them:)

  • Girl, those eggs and that dinner looks so tasty. I’m drooling right now…maybe I should eat something?? Haha…

  • Meg

    Ah, I see! That makes sense.

    When I come to the end of a day super low on calories I like to make myself a little eggnog using heavy cream and raw egg. It kicks the calories up real fast, and tastes delicious! Especially with good, fresh eggs like you have access to!

  • I’m all about oats in the morning but sometimes some eggs and toast are just the right thing…YUM! Glad dinner was great!
    I love cuddling up with a good book and tea on a stormy night!

  • I’m jealous of your cilantro. It’s so cute!

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