Midwest Southern Style

This morning I felt like eating red beans and rice. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not big into Southern style foods…..I mean, I still don’t understand the purpose of a biscuit with a meal. Fried foods and lots of gravy has never been my thing. However, red beans and rice is something I can flow with. So, I went to work starting out by browning some spicy sausage that came from my family’s pig. I added some onions and kidney beans along with TONS of garlic.

Of meats, cured meats or sausage type meats are about all I can handle…….and in small amounts. I added meat for one reason, I was making a big batch so that I could have some lunches for the man and he gots to have his meat! I then added rice and some more seasoning. On the side I put a load of garden greens with a honey mustard vinaigrette!

I plopped some cilantro in the mix for some good freshness. The dressing is basically olive oil, red wine vinegar, dijon, honey, and salt. I don’t measure (sorry) but just add things until I get the consistency I like.

I of course took this picture before I drowned the whole thing in Louisiana Hot Sauce….it was a dream and a half!

I should mention that I had oatmeal with banana, strawberry and peanut butter this morning.

This picture is blurry but as you can see this is a huge bowl. I hate about half. I gotta learn what my correct portion is! Maybe next time.

Tomorrow I am working an event I coordinated at work and it includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of which I organized so it’ll be good. I’ll do my very bestest to photograph!!!

Question: Do you like Southern food? If so, what is your favorite?


  • I’ve never had southern American food, but it always looks very ‘homely’. I keep seeing biscuits pop up on blogs and wonder what they are… they’re pretty different to british biscuits (cookies!!) The rice and beans looks like something I could enjoy though and your oats look delicious. I ALWAYS make too many, no idea what my real portion size is, but I always manage to stuff them in because they’re just so tasty!


  • Your oat pic totally has me craving bananas and PB! YUM!

    I love grits! Totally southern!

  • I really haven’t had much southern food–but I love alllllll food! 🙂 Omg this looks delicious!

  • Brooke

    I LOVE southern food but that’s probably because I live in Georgia! I think if you had some good southern cooking you would like it! Grits, chicken and dumplings, sweet tea- YUM! Although I rarely eat it… If I did I would probably weigh 4000 pounds!

  • Brooke

    By the way, I just found your blog and absolutely love it! I have a baby boy who just turned one.. Boys are so much fun!!!

  • I’ve never really had so much Southern food, but I do love cornbread, shrimp and grits!

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