I Made It!

Oh my goodness, after working 14 hours yesterday I as definitely not feeling work today! But there I was bright and early. At least my boss was sympathetic which made it bearable. He had gone through the whole day yesterday too (not as early but close) and even though he’s not pregnant I’m sure it wasn’t easy coming in for him either.

I started the day out with an egg on toast and a big bowl of fruit.

I had some bread and salad from Panera for lunch but forgot to bring my camera! Oops!

I drowsily made my way through the work day with many a cup of tea and what not until I managed to get home! Then I made up some hummus and Greek olive crostinis. They had my chipotle hummus, Greek olives, onions and a bit of mozzarella.

Excuse my age old atrocious pizza pan! Along side the crostini we had a salad filled with goodies.

Quite good and very filling. I’m about to crash but still need to go to a meeting with the board of the historical home/land we have our Community Garden on to present an exciting idea to them. It’s in the works so I’ll keep hush hush:) More later!


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