Pregger Pics Week 26!

Headache free! It took all morning of walking around in the sunshine but it finally went away and I feel great now! Mostly because we took a glorious nap after all our sunny endeavors and that always makes things better. So, on to the good stuff. This week I wanted to do a frontal pic since I haven’t done one. I THOUGHT my shirt was covering my belly but these days anything below my belly button is a little hard to determine.

Awkward….however, sometimes I feel like the sideview doesn’t always show the whole picture. However, it is it!

Getting bigger every day! The past couple weeks have definitely shown! I went to my midwife appointment on Thursday and everything looks great. I have gained 5 pounds which is awesome! Shane mentioned today that it seems my appetite has come back and it really has. I have less stomach space but I do actually eat better! I am not counting calories so I’m not really sure what my intake is but it’s around how much I was eating before but I DRINK so much more! Gotta maintain all that new blood my body has made and all the fluid in my womb.

A movie and more chillin’ is in the works for this evening which I’m looking forward to. Enjoy your Saturday evening!


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