Sweet Peas!!!

Ack!! I haven’t looked at my sweet pea plants in quite a while and guess what I found? These gorgeous goodies!

I know this is kinda blurry but aren’t they beautiful? They tasted like sunshine and summer and everything fresh and lovely. I also picked a large batch of strawberries. It’s been a couple days and I noticed alot of ย over ripe ones:( I hate missing out on produce!

They were juicy and sweet. I froze a bunch and now I have about a gallon in my freezer and have eaten them EVERY day!

I ate a gorgeous salad and a bowl of fruit for dinner. Later I had some pasta.

I am loving my garden and all the goods. So far I’ve had tons of herbs, TONS of strawberries, a batch of sugar snap peas and a lot of lettuce! Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins and more to come!


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