After feeling pretty blah yesterday I read Morgan’s post about getting into a limbo with food when you know you really just aren’t eating your best but not necessarily your worst either and you just want to feel super duper but don’t. So I decided to really think about what kind of food I need to be eating. Obviously I have to eat a bit extra since I’m nursing so with that in mind I chose what I hope is something of a balanced day in food. I started out with a half a bagel, nectarine, and some coffee.

Really I just needed to use up these bagels! We’ve had them around for a few days so I hit that.

Later my mom came for a visit and brought some of her homemade chunky applesauce! It was spiced and totally delicious and tender.

So that was my mid morning snack!  By mid morning I mean almost eleven so when lunch came around I wasn’t really hungry but around two I reheated my veggie bowl leftovers from Chipotle! Hot sauce added of course.

I felt sad that I made a point of eating all the guacamole off the top yesterday. haha

Then Avery and I took our first walk together! I pulled out the stroller and strapped the little guy in.

We did a nice 30 minute stroll around the neighborhood. It was gorgeous weather and even though he slept the whole time I really enjoyed it. I was a tiny bit sore in my baby having area afterwards but nothing bad so I think I’ll try to walk a lot from now on. I can’t do much else as far as exercise goes until I’m okayed by the doctor in a few weeks so I have to take advantage of walking.

Once I was home I made a green smoothie to rehydrate and rejuvenate from my walk! I put spinach, bananas, and blackberries! It looks purple but it’s as green as it gets folks.

Very nice.  I am drinking it as I nurse and blog and it’s extremely refreshing. I have felt much better today and will probably just eat small snacks this evening and night. I haven’t been good about hydrating or eating during the night when I’m feeding him and because of this I wake up in the morning feeling totally off. So I have to focus on that too even if it just means drinking water and having an apple at four in the morning while nursing.

And now for the obligatory photo of Avery….yes, I know that there’s already one in this post but that one had a reason and this one is for the sheer adorableness of it. He looks like he’s holding his nose. I promise I’m not THAT stinky!


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