It’s chilly and wet outside and I’m chilly and wet inside…that is, I’m cold and have a cold. There are many body fluids involved.

I am also extremely sore. Not only did I do my regular work out yesterday but I then went to a strength class in the evening and though some of it was fairly easy, they killed my quads with the leg segment. So this morning I thought I was sore because my quads felt a little jelly but that was nothing compared to how I felt after I did the cardio and strength Insanity video. Ouchie mama. It hurt so good.

But before we kicked butt, I helped my youngest sister check off an item on her ‘things to do this summer that most kids her age have already done’ list. The item in question was ‘Eating A Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ but we took it to the next level and MADE one. I’ve never made one so it was a first for me too. We definitely didn’t want to use a canned pineapple so we had a fresh one and all night last night I was trying to think of a good way to core it so we could have the great rings and my solution?

Shot glass. We were at my grandma’s and she had a shot measurement (one ounce on one side and two ounces on the other) and so I used the larger side to cut the core out of each slice with ease.

We did everything by the book, your regular old upside down pineapple cake from scratch but then made one FATAL mistake. When the timer went off I wasn’t sure how to gauge how done it was because of all the moisture and it was totally uncooked in the middle and it started running all over the place so in a panic we put it back into the pan (still upside down) and put it back in the pan! It looked like a mess when it was done but it was oh so tasty.

We were pretty stoked and enjoyed the yumminess. You rock Auntie M!

While I was getting my hiney handed to me in our work out I felt that sugar rocking around in my belly… was a bad choice for a pre workout snack.

My sister gave me several great tips while we were working out and I hope that next time I do Insanity I will be much better. She rocked it and afterwards played with Avery for a bit.

He loves all his aunties. Spending the afternoon with three of them was a good time. He took his first nap in the playpen and it took forever for him to go to sleep! He’s used to only playing in there so he kept rolling around and getting into weird positions but finally drifted off for about thirty or forty minutes.

Once I got home, got the baby fed, and to bed and got Shane fed and off to the city council meeting, I made some green juice.

Then an apple and a banana. Β Trying to get enough vitamins to help my body fight this cold because it’s not easy having a baby and a cold! The netti pot comes in handy too.

I’m going to try to get some rest now and stretch my sore muscles! I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the weekend. It’s rather intimate but I love it so much that I can’t hold it back. This is a look into our typical Sunday afternoon…chilling on the couch.


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