Okay, so I’ve been struggling with a cold for a couple days and for some reason when I get a cold I COMPLETELY lose my appetite. I don’t mean that I don’t get hungry often or just don’t feel like eating. It just literally makes food seem gross to me. Day one of the cold I didn’t eat anything until night when I had a couple salad wraps at my family’s house and yesterday I didn’t eat anything until the party. I never felt hungry, food didn’t sound good and I didn’t even think about eating. This is horrid as you know because when your body is trying to heal it needs nutrients and without them it can’t really properly do what it’s supposed to.

I’ve got the same problem today. In fact, my stomach is a little upset and food sounds awful.Β  I’m hoping maybe some of my lack of appetite is due to my lack of activity. I haven’t been able to run because of my cough and I get exhausted really fast when I try to do anything else. I feel lame because I don’t have much food to post up in hur!!!!

Question : what do you do to get your appetite back when you lose it?


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