Batter Up

Tonight Shane requested I make buffalo chicken in some form or other. I am NEVER able to keep chicken wings in this house because if Shane or the SIL are aware of them, they’re begging for me to make buffalo chicken wings.

All I had were chicken tenders and since I HATE making batter I used some beer batter mix Shane got for Christmas.

I fried up the chicken and it actually turned out REALLY good with the batter. I’m not a chicken fan but dang, that batter was delicious.

There was a lot of batter left after the chicken was done so I scrounged around looking for  something to fry that I could eat. I found a quarter of a red onion and a few slices of bell pepper.

Yum. It’s a cornmeal based batter with some serious spice.

Now the house smells gross and I don’t feel that great either. I had a palate cleansing apple afterwards so hopefully that helps.

In an unrelated note, Avery had a rough teething day and after half a nap plus a few hour play date he ZONED on the couch.

A cracker, some serious water, and then it was time to hit the stuffed animals up for a snuggle.

I love this kid. Rough days happen but nothing like a little cutie to hang out with for a couple hours before bedtime. We watched Cinderella and he gave me crumbly kisses. So awesome.

Question: Do you ever fry? If so, is it worth it for you? It’s worth my hubby’s appreciation but otherwise, I wouldn’t ever do it!


  • I order fried food out, but I hate frying! It needs so much attention to temperature and batter and so forth. Those chicken fry looks amazing though…cornmeal batter? yum!

  • What a nice wifey to cook what hubby requested. Can’t say that happens very often over here lol. Kiddo is so cute sitting with his bears, bears are my little guys favorite friend too.

  • Tim

    We never liked to fry because it wasn’t considered healthy, plus the leftover smell sticks to everything in the house – especially your clothes. It even finds its way into our closet. Now that I have my own kitchen in another building I can fry a every now and then. Since there is no carpeting, curtains or closets full of clothes, the smell doesn’t hang around. Now even Mom is discovering the wonders of LARD (so long as its organic). Still, if I eat fried things more than once or twice week I feel kind of lethargic. Mom keeps me balanced out with all the fresh veggies, grains & her awesome Greek yogurt.

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