Happy Friday Eve!

At my work Thursdays are called Friday Eve so that we all feel that each day is a step towards the weekend. It’s nice:) So I decided to start the day out right with a large green smoothie. I crammed as much kale as I could in this one!

I also included a couple bananas and a handful of mixed berries. Remember, this is the kale that I harvested from the community garden at the end of fall and froze so it’s local and organic, picked in season for maximum nutrients! I love how kale green smoothies are extra dark!

I’m not kidding, this is possibly one of the yummiest green smoothies I’ve had in a long time.

Rewind to last night. I was going to be hanging out with my friend for the evening and Shane was having some friends over to the house so I thought I’d make some pizza for them before I left. First I whipped out my Kitchenaide mixer for the dough.

Yes, read it and weep……it’s an awesome appliance that my father-in-law passed to me when he graduated to a bigger size (THANK YOU RICHIE!). I put some very warm water, maple syrup, oil, yeast and a touch of flour in there and mixed it for a second and then let it sit to allow the yeast to grow. Then I turned the mixer on low and slowly poured in flour and added salt over the course of probably 35 minutes. The longer you have to knead it the better. I didn’t have as long as I like, in general I knead for at least 45 minutes and then let the dough rise for 30 minutes before I spread it but time was of the essence so I had to cut it short. I spread the dough on the pizza pan and put my sauce on it. The sauce is made with diced tomatoes, blended, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, salt and oregano.

I spread the sauce and put all the ingredients on the raw dough.  Here’s the toppings, onions, peppers, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, and artichoke hearts.

Then I topped it with a three cheese mixture that included Mozzarella, Parmesan and Romano.

After that I popped into an oven on 425° and let the boys cook it! So no after pic this time:(

I was told that it turned out well! haha

Question: What is your favorite pizza topping?


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