2014 Goals

For the sake of good accountability I’m going to go ahead and post my goals on here. I do love fresh starts and the post holiday haze is the perfect time to get focused.


My goals are all pretty encompassing and simple so excuse me if they’re boring, because they probably are.

1. Get fit

I’ve been terrifically out of shape the past couple years due to many things…but most notably I’ve had a very needy little boy. He has kept me from getting any even remotely decent amount of sleep in the past year and a half as well as being very dependent during the day. He’s the only one who naps which means basically zero ‘me’ time.  However this past month he cut his last tooth and that means waaaaaay more sleep. Obviously that doesn’t give me much day time still but hey, with the power of rest I am fully determined to find a way, even if it means I hunker down and just get a freaking gym membership.

2. Settle into a seasonal pattern.

Last night Shane and I were talking about this winter (it was snowing and dropping into the single digit temps) which got me to thinking how gardening in the warm season and preserving food is a lot of work and how winter is the season of rest with a home filled with bounty, but if you don’t put in that work during the other seasons it’s kind of hard to feel anything but sort of depressed in the dark, cold months.

All that to say, I experienced a little piece of seasonal living this year by eating seasonally from the local farmers market and by doing a lot more food preservation than I’ve ever done and I’m excited to say that it did affect me positively going into winter. Add gardening into the mix and I think it’ll be an even more positive experience.

3. Develop connections with people.

A few years ago this was a goal for me. Going deeper with friendships and committing more of my time to them. It was a big change for me which really gave me the opportunity to develop friendships. We moved to a new part of the city mid year last year and I’ve made so many great connections with neighbors, local moms and friends that are now closer. This year I’d like to be consistent in making time to develop those connections and make it our community.

4. Develop a long lasting successful eating pattern.

Ever since the whole ‘no sleep forever’ thing started I’ve found it very hard to keep up many areas of my life. Food preparation was a chore and I just felt like I was pumping out toddler food all day to my kids and not really eating well myself or spending time figuring out what I was eating. Often after really stressful bedtimes or mornings with Eli I’d munch of comfort food (aka chocolate). Half way through the year I realized having ANYTHING with sugar in my home was a big mistake and aside from holiday gifts I have managed to keep it that way.

After Thanksgiving it became apparent to me that I simply am not getting a high enough dosage of vegetables. It was after the farmers market had ended and I hadn’t really managed to cope with buying crappy veggies at the grocery store. Once December started I just committed to having a fresh breakfast (generally just an apple or two with nut butter or a big cup of green juice), and a large vegetable dense salad for lunch as well as a salad accompanying any dinner I made for the family.

So far, it has helped me a lot. I’m excited to be out of the holiday season now (however enjoyable and joyful it truly is) so that I won’t have rich foods tempting me constantly (aka me stuffing my face with them whenever I get the chance).


5. Be a good neighbor.

We have a new neighborhood and awesome neighbors…this is a first. Our last neighborhood was more about avoiding the crazies to protect my kids, but now I need to switch perspectives and really learn to build relationships with the people around me. They’re going to be there for a while and so are we!

So there you have it. Things like ‘be a better wife’ and ‘be a good mom’ aren’t on there because those are the things I’m always doing. These five things are just some areas I want to start improving on now. 

I’ll leave you with this cute little pic of Avery playing in the freaking freezing snow this morning.



Happy New Year:)

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