My Mom’s Homemade Lotion

Here’s another great post from my Mom and how she makes her own lotion. I’ve used her’s and made my own from her example and it’s truly amazing.

“I started making my own lotion when I decided I didn’t want to put petroleum byproducts and other mysterious ingredients my skin.  I know that skin is an organ and that it soaks up whatever is put on it, so I wanted to make lotion out of ingredients that I would feel comfortable eating.  For my face lotion (and light summer body lotion), the two main ingredients are Aloe Vera Gelly and a good cooking oil.

Organic cold-pressed olive oil would be the best but I don’t like the smell so I use organic expeller-pressed sunflower oil. Sometimes I add jojoba oil because it is such a good moisturizer and has so many nutrients.

I buy the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly at online drugstores. It’s less expensive than getting it at Whole Foods. Put all 12 ounces of the Aloe Vera Gelly in a container and put 3 to 4 T. oil on top.

I use a hand blender and it just blends within seconds to a white cream.  Other ingredients are optional.  I use an essential oil to add fragrance and nutrients.  Add until it smells just right.  Sweet orange is my favorite.

You know those expensive anti-aging lotions?  Well, you can make your own by adding anti-oxidant blends.  As you can see from the picture, they are just extracts from plants.  You can get those from

I might add a tablespoon or two of one kind or a mix of all.  Blend that in and you’re done.  I put my lotion in little canning jars. These make nice gifts, too!

I get the lids with holes and pumps at

I make a  winter body lotion for dry skin (not for the face) with organic coconut oil.  I just plop a few spoonfuls in my container then add enough Aloe Vera Gelly to blend it to a desired consistency.

You don’t need to add anything else because it smells wonderfully of coconut.  It will look shimmery and smooth but if it is cold, there will be tiny balls of solid oil in the lotion.  Don’t worry.  They melt as you spread them on your skin.  I hope some of you try making your own lotion.  I think you will find it very rewarding.”


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