With the law, that is.

SAMSUNG CSCRemember this? It’s cool, it’s fantastic, it’s helpful and what not. My city disagrees. Despite their claims of supporting rain water retention it turns out (though not specifically stated on the website page) that they only support up to 65 gallon barrels and only when they’re ‘blended in with the residential environment’ or some such bureaucratic mish mash.  So despite my pristine looking set up, it’s going to have to be moved to a completely out of sight place…back yard, specifically. It wouldn’t be SUCH a big deal but the reason we chose that particular spot was because it was elevated above the garden and would provide better pressure. Also, my dad worked really hard on this and it kills me that he’ll have to do more. He’s a good sport.  Unlike me…who’s basically feeling like this.



Yes, I understand my GIANT belly is consuming half the photo. I see this view a lot. He’s kind of a needy guy.

Outside of the stupid rain water thing (fyi, my 275 GALLON tank is filled that high from just eight tenths of an inch of rain) my garden is doing pretty good.

SAMSUNG CSCI found this extremely pollinated bee hanging out on my bee balm. Coolest thing ever.

Then there’s this lonely beet (that’s being strangled by spaghetti squash).


The sad thing about this beet is that it’s one of THREE that survived the squirrel invasion of 2014. It looks so good and so pretty and yummy but it will be a reminder of a lesson I learned in my new garden space…squirrels are the enemy.


Fresnooooo. I harvested my two gorgeous red deliciousnessessssss and now, thank goodness, lots of new blooms have been producing baby peppers. And my jalapenos are rockin’ too.



I have areas that look sad, like any garden does. But I choose to learn lessons from them instead of be depressed about them.


Because gardening is about learning and I have so much to learn.

SAMSUNG CSCI love kale. And jungles of tomatoes and basils and peppers.



Then there’s this baby caterpillar consuming my dill. I’m letting this one get consumed for the sake of nature…you know, birds eat some pillars, other pillars turn into butterflies and butterflies are pollinators so I ain’t hatin’. But my other big dill plant I’m cherishing and won’t let those buggers get it. SAMSUNG CSC


All the miracles of growing going on. In my belly, in my garden…lots of good stuff.

So, apparently I’m some sort of menace in the neighborhood (guy across the street, I know it’s you calling this crap in) since this is my second time getting written up for something. I hope there’s no strike three rule around here. I’ve only been here a year for crying out loud. I can’t help if I’m a rebel. I guess my next project should be taking some proactive initiative to the city about changing some of their snotty rules. For now though, I’ll try to comply, have a baby and deal with politics another day.







  • Shane

    Guess I gotta run for office again.

  • David Cerda

    You have this where you want it, why not just cover it with a small fence screen and leave it there? It seems like it would be a lot less work than moving it.

  • vickkie

    I have to agree with David! Figure out a way to conceal it within the rules…

  • diana

    Nope, if it’s over 65 gallons it’s not a concealment issue, it’s straight up illegal if it’s not in the backyard.

  • I lust over your garden!! although I have a few hot peppers growing and the tomato plants are flowering so that’s a good sign 🙂

  • Joses

    Can you simply surround it with fencing like cedar or treated to “blend” it in?

  • Diana vs. Johnson County! Now you’ve become the garden lady with city code stories. 🙂 That rain barrel is amazing – 275 gallons, wonderful! And your garden is beautiful.

  • Who calls in such innocuous things, anyway? Heaven forbid you don’t pay the city for your water. *rolls eyes* That’s absurd. I’m sorry, for both you and your father. You’re a better sport than I, my friend. But yes, just relax and let it go for now, that’s a good plan. You’ve got a lot on your plate as it is. As usual, that garden looks incredible. Props to all your hard work. 🙂

  • diana

    Joses, If I could build a shed around it or something…I might have been able to get away with it, but it’s just technically completely illegal to have a barrel over 65 gallons anywhere but the back, and out of sight.

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