Pregger Pics Week 16

So I’ve reached sixteen weeks! It’s crazy how fast time goes by. I can’t believe that I’m this far already. Here’s my pic of the week.

It’s growing! Though I still haven’t gained back the weight I lost in the first trimester. I notice that my face is thinner, my legs are sticks and my butt is gone so that must be where the baby is getting fuel. ha. I’m attempting to ‘pig out’ whenever I feel good but not sure if that’s enough so I’m going to try a bit harder. With my belly growing I am faithfully dry brushing before every bath or shower as well as slathering myself with coconut oil as soon as I’m done brushing. So far, things look bueno baby. Not like I’d expect to have any stretch marks this early. I’ve been taking alot more baths lately since my muscles are very tense and sore and taking advil is a no no. Last night I started getting one of the headaches again but took Tylenol before bed and then also some when I got up for my nightly bathroom break. This morning it was lingering so I had some caffeine which my midwife told me might help these powerful headaches. I’m feeling pretty good now so it must have done the trick!

My lunch today was a taco salad. Chili beans, chips, onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and hot sauce. Super tasty!

I put Snow White and the Seven Dwarves on netflix so I get to watch that today. I’m a huge Disney fan and this is one I haven’t seen in forever!

Have a great Saturday!


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